If your goal is to make your stories better, to make your readers turn pages non-stop, dive into these tips, regardless of you writing novels, scripts, or short stories

December 18, 2017

Today's post is focused on storytellers, however, some devoted readers might also find this interesting. I wanted to talk about the first of three really important parts of the narration process that most of the times we ignore. Writers need to have each of these in mind at every stage of their story. Readers normally don't notice, at least not consciously, but they do feel these elements, and if correctly developed, they can...

December 4, 2017

One of the best, more satisfying feelings there are when writing something is the joy of putting the final "The End". You have spent a lot of time and effort on researching, thinking of dialogues, developing characters, thinking about the right words to write down at each point of whatever it is you're working on. However, sorry for disappointing you: you are not done, perhaps not even close. "Why?!" you might say. Hey, no nee...

November 28, 2017

In this entry, I want to share some general tips and tricks to keep in mind throughout the writing process. For some reason, the writing process —regardless of what it is that we are writing— seems to be a difficult thing to achieve. Personally, I'd say that it is due to a lack of knowledge on how the whole writing process works, what different parts you can split it on, and what to do on each of them. 

As per usual, and as wit...

November 18, 2017

As aspiring writers, one thing we normally do (or are told to do) is to look up for tips or suggestions from other writer in order to improve. On this quest, we tend to find a million tips and tricks for making the process of writing a novel or a short story or a script a whole lot easier. Well, I wanted to dedicate this post to some of the different myths and tips among the writer community, and my personal experience regardi...

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